The Pacifica Education Foundation (PEF) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization founded to protect and advance quality education for the children of the Pacifica School District (PSD).

PEF provides funding to the Pacifica School District to support specific academic and enrichment programs across every grade level and school.
Programs are chosen based on input from parents, educators and administrators of the Pacifica School District.

Pacifica Students learning Algebra concepts with Algebrabots


PEF is working to raise sufficient funds to continue supporting these important programs in Math, Science and Reading & Language Arts as well as digital citizenship and technology competencies. While California public schools avoided additional funding cuts in 2013, Pacifica schools are still plugging holes from years of funding cuts. Please give generously during Donation Week and help us ensure our children receive the education they need to succeed for their futures.

Check out our newest video showcasing our 21st Century Learning Programs in action.


Cabrillo ElementarySchool Grade 3:

Building clay figures for a stop motion DVD movie based on their original story during a PEF-Funded field trip to Children's Creativity Museum

 With State funding for education among the lowest in the nation, our children are receiving less education at a time when a sound education is critical to future success. Please join PEF today and help us ensure our children are prepared for high school and college.

Become a Member or Patron now. Donate online or set up a convenient Monthly Donation. Help preserve these important programs and prepare for further cuts to school budgets. If everyone contributes, we can keep our schools strong!


Middle School Orchestra in Concert


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Robot Builders explore technology at Ocean Shore School