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PEF Donation Week Coming April 29 - May 3!

Donation Week, PEF's largest fundraising campaign of the year, is April 29 - May 3.  This year we are hoping to break the record of $74,000 that was set in 2018.  This year's theme is Making Magic Moments.  Each day of the week will be highlighted by opportunities to raise awareness through social sharing, recognize our teachers, and promote school pride.


We are looking for volunteers from every school to help with campaign efforts.  There are opportunities for event coordination, publicity, photography, and networking with families.  We especially need volunteers on Thursday May 2 at every school, who can contribute one hour of time either in the morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up period, to help with the fundraising effort.


If you are interested in helping out please sign up or email


SPARC Ink Publishes Youth in Pacifica

In production is the 3rd Edition of SPARC Ink, a Bay Area youth poetry anthology that publishes 100+ young poets and accomplished local artists.


Getting published at a young age is a motivating achievement that helps set students up for success. The goal this year is to provide a free copy of the anthology to each young person whose work is published.

Become a PEF Member

By becoming a PEF member, your family will be directly supporting our children’s access to music, arts, and science education.  You will enable these programs to continue for years to come. Every family in Pacifica must join PEF!  

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The Pacifica Education Foundation is an organization that supports students and their teachers in every school and every classroom in the Pacifica School District.


We fund programs that foster creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.  We have implemented 21st Century Learning programs throughout the Pacifica School District, programs that have become adopted by the Pacifica School District.  


Our current focus is on K-5 music, in addition to the Middle School Band program we support through Music Matters in Pacifica, Middle School Computer Science, and SPARC Poetry.

Please consider making a donation so we can continue to provide programs to enrich the lives of our students.

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