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Meet our SPARC Program Leads

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

PEF would like to recognize the SPARC Poetry Program Leads for their commitment to the students of Pacifica, teaching the beauty of poetry, performance, and self expression!

Patrick Ohslund (Ocean Shore, IBL, Cabrillo, Vallemar)

...has been a teaching artist and professional spoken word poet for over ten years. He has toured across the nation as well as internationally and has opened for renowned musical groups such as The Wailers. Patrick currently leads spoken word workshops for Pacifica youth, and is a lecturer at San Francisco State University.

Giovanna Lomanto (Sunset Ridge) graduate of U.C. Berkeley's English & Creative Writing departments. At 22, she has published a full collection of poetry called "no body in particular" (Scrambler Books) and has a second collection titled “jupiter fell out the sky last night" Currently, Giovanna works as a Teaching Artist for Chapter 510 and leads spoken word workshops for Pacifica youth.

Jordan Abronson (Ortega) a twenty-seven year old poet from the mountains of Santa Cruz. His background is in both poetry and theater. He believes in knowing when to hold, knowing when to break, and knowing when to burn. To him poetry is the crack you drive between the walls that keep us apart, and we need this now more than ever. Currently, Jordan leads spoken word workshops for Pacifica youth.

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