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PEF School Ambassadors  are comprised of community and parent volunteers dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the educational experience of Pacifica's children. The Ambassador Team consists of parent representatives from Elementary and Middle Schools in the Pacifica School District.

Cabrillo School

I have 2 kids at Cabrillo and am grateful for the programs supported by PEF. I am excited to connect across schools and to further PEF’s mission of providing an equitable and enriching experience throughout the community.

Ingrid B. Lacy School

Julie Cotter (


I’m a proud parent of a fourth grader at Ortega and a sixth grader at IBL. I’m excited to join the PEF team because they provide incredible opportunities for our kids, and they also unite our Pacifica schools.




Ocean Shore School

The academic and social benefits of music and science education are proven to provide more than just learning how to sing a song, or complete an experiment. Learning music helps with math and spatial learning, and can build confidence. Science creates curiosity and helps us learn how to solve problems. It's a tragedy that state funding was cut for the arts and sciences years ago. PEF is necessary to bring these important skill sets to the children.

Ortega School

RyannShane Sharpe (

Born and raised local with a son at Ortega. Love being part of the Pacifica community and building a connection with others. I’m excited to be a part of PEF not only for my son but for my nephews that are also a part of the Pacifica School District.

Sunset Ridge

Bridget Hardt (

I'm the Treasurer at SRE and I'm so grateful for all that PEF does for our schools. Let's continue giving Pacifica students opportunities for success! (We're actively looking for an Ambassador to take my place, please get in touch if you're able to help!)

Vallemar School


This position is presently vacant.  PEF is looking for an enthusiastic Vallemar parent or adult advocate to serve as school ambassador.  If you are interested please contact us at

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