The Pacifica Education Foundation (PEF) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization founded to protect and advance quality education for the children of the Pacifica School District. PEF's mission is to ensure all the children of Pacifica receive a high-quality education in the arts, music and science by providing an equitable and enriching educational experience for all our students at all Pacifica District schools.



The Pacifica Education Foundation (PEF) was founded in 2008 as a community-driven non-profit organization to support the Pacifica School District (PSD).  In its initial year, PEF engaged many sectors of the community to raise $250,000 to launch the foundation.  Since then, the Foundation has raised over $130,000 per year from Patrons, Members, grants and events to cover the annual costs of PEF-funded programs. 

PEF's first funding initiatives were in 21st Century Education.  In 2008-2014, PEF funded the research, design and implementation of 21st Century Education programs and practices in every grade level in every school of the PSD.  The programs included the Kindernet and classroom iPads for the lower grades, Design Challenges and Innovation Lab field trips to the Children's Creativity Museum for 3rd graders; Math Explorations and Gearbots for 4th graders; and the immensely popular Slam Poetry unit for 5th graders.  Middle school students across the district were given Chromebooks, Algebrabots and other technology to learn aspects of architectural design/drafting, math and video documentary; they were also taught to use Google Docs and build e-portfolios of their best work.  In addition, PEF funded teacher training and coaching to integrate 21st Century skills into classroom practices.

In 2011, PEF began providing supplemental funding for the Middle School instrumental music program with the support of a committed group of parents, Music Matters in Pacifica (MMiP).  The funding sustains and enhances the PSD's middle school band program.

By Spring 2014, the 21st Century Education practices initiated with PEF funding had become so integral to the Pacifica School District's practices, that the District no longer needed outside funding to support them.  This success meant that PEF could find new gaps in the District's funding to fill.  After careful consideration of PEF's mission and program criteria, strategic planning, research and  input gathering from teachers, parents and administrators, the PEF Board of Directors decided to support two new program areas that fit with both PEF's mission and the school district's priorities:  Elementary Music and Middle School Music.  PEF is currently funding music instruction for all 4th and 5th graders across the district and hopes to expand this to all elementary grades with additional fundraising over the next several years.  PEF is also funding the development of a computer science curriculum and the purchase of equipment for grades 6-8 across the PSD.


We're looking for board members and volunteers to fill the following positions:


  • Leadership Positions

  • Marketing and Communication Strategist

  • Photographer

  • School Ambassador

  • Relationship Development

  • Recorder


If you are able to offer your skills to our foundation please contact:


Emily Hennessy



The PEF Board of Directors meets the 1st Tuesday of every month, 7-9pm


Board Room

Pacifica School District

375 Reina Del Mar

Pacifica, CA 94044


Visitors and new volunteers welcome!


Confirm meeting date and time at info@pacificaef.org


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