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Founded in 2008, The Pacifica Education Foundation (PEF) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization.  It is committed to providing diverse educational opportunities for students by bridging budget gaps  in the Pacifica School District (PSD) with scalable, equitable, and cost-effective programs


PEF helps Pacifica children receive a better education.  PEF’s fundraising efforts directly support the following enrichment opportunities in Pacifica elementary and middle schools:

Band equipment, summer program, field trips, and music for middle school students


Music teacher and instruments for 3rd through 5th-grade students


Slam poetry writing and performance program for 5th-grade students


Distance learning curriculum to support teachers’ reading/writing program for all PSD students, and provide essential equipment for PSD teachers and support staff


STEAM support through the integration of instructional technology into the curriculum for Kinder through 8th-grade students



In Fall 2018, PEF launched its Family Membership Program.  Throughout the year, PEF encourages Pacifica families to become a PEF member so that they can directly support Pacifica children’s access to music, arts, and science education for years to come.   Currently, there are four membership levels ranging from $125 - $1000 annually.  Benefits may vary depending on the membership level.


PEF is expanding its Family Membership Program to the local business community!  We would like you and your business to support PEF, its work, and the children it supports by offering exclusive promotions such as discounts, special offers, and/or special events to PEF members.


What’s In It For Me?  PEF will do the following for your business:

  • Promote the services and/or products that you offer to our local community by posting them on our website, posting alerts through our social media outlets, and sending monthly announcements in our e-newsletter.

  • Market your local business and encourage our donor community to support your business not only during the special membership opportunities, but also throughout the year by communicating our partnership to our network of over 3,000 Pacifica School District students and their families.


This is a win for your business and a win for Pacifica children!  Many local businesses support us and the community as PEF partners.  Will you?


How Do We Partner?  Simply complete the sign-up form below.  A PEF representative will reach out to you to confirm your offerings, frequency, and other essential details, within 5 business days.

PEF Business Partnership Enrollment Form
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