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The PEF Board of Directors is comprised of community and parent volunteers dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the educational experience of Pacifica's children. The Board consists of community residents and business owners without specific school affiliations, as well as parent representatives from Elementary and Middle Schools in the Pacifica School District.

Emily Hennessy


As a strong advocate for community, I view quality, equitable education as a basic right.  I have a strong passion for and commitment to Pacifica and contribute where I can so that our children have the education that they need so they can develop into creative, problem-solving, and compassionate critical thinkers.

Johnny Davis


I am a Pacifica parent and an enthusiastically engaged activist for our community success.  As a role-model for our children, I'm dedicated to advancing educational awareness and opportunities in Pacifica schools by leveraging the PEF platform strengths for our future leaders!

Raul Barrera


As a parent, I value the importance of the Arts and Sciences curriculum, as these subjects nurture the creative thinkers of tomorrow.  My mission is to serve as a conduit facilitating these resources and essential opportunities equitably.



This position is presently vacant.  PEF is looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to serve as PEF Board Secretary.  If you are interested please contact us at

Kat Roman

Director of Communications

As a private pilot, performing artist and former educator, I believe every student should have the opportunity to a quality education in music, art and science.

Jena Pesqueda

Director of Development

With 46 years of experience as a classroom teacher ranging from  grade 6 ELA through college rhetoric and composition, I possess a deep understanding of our public school system along with its critical needs, current challenges, and long-term visions for the future. I believe in a meaningful and rigorous educational experience that honors each individual and provides instruction and guidance that will prepare them for a future that does not yet exist.

Josephine Deciron

Board Member

I believe in 'being part of the change you want to see' . As a parent, and having gone through the public education system myself, I see accessible educational opportunities as a critical cornerstone for a thriving community. Together, we can open doors and help shape our future generation for a brighter tomorrow!

Sara Hall

Director of Events

As a parent in Pacifica, ensuring equitable educational opportunities in our community is a top priority for me. I am deeply committed to supporting our community, placing a particular emphasis on education, children, and schools. I believe in the importance of fostering an environment where children can discover and pursue their passions.

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