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Pacifica Education Foundation is truly grateful to all of the families and local business partners who have shown their support by participating in the annual membership program.  We extend special recognition to those who have committed to Sustainer and Patron level memberships during the 2023 - 2024 school year.

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PEF Sustainer

Includes: Digital Membership E-Card, Exclusive Discounts at local Business Partners, Gala Entry Fee Discount (20%), Pre - Gala Invitation, and Gala Entry Tickets (1)

As a Sustainer, I highly value PEF programs and attend all events. I want to Sustain PEF initiatives more widely.


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PEF Patron

Includes: Digital Membership E-Card, Exclusive Discounts at local Business Partners, Pre - Gala Invitation, Gala Entry Tickets (2), Gala VIP Access and Early Entry, as well as Recognition in PEF's Annual Donor Registry

As a Patron, I am an active advocate for PEF programs and support all PEF events.



John and Sue Beckmeyer - Patron

Bruce Ferry and Cherie Chan - Patron

Diana & Yuval Oren - Patron

Kevin Pickett Family - Patron

Coots Family - Sustainer

Alicia and Ryan MacDonald - Sustainer

Marleni Moyer - Sustainer

Muckerheide - Sustainer

Stephanie L Poloni - Sustainer

Porter Family - Sustainer

Ingrid B. Lacy

Garrick Meeker - Patron

Ocean Shore

Sara Hall Household - Patron

Jim and Pat Kremer - Patron

Oeyo Family - Patron

Krista and Scotty Allen Family - Sustainer

Amy S. Blake - Sustainer

Campagna Family - Sustainer

Ryu and Kai Morgan Family - Sustainer

Laura Clark & Mario Jovel Family - Sustainer

Roxanne Seliger - Sustainer

Christine and JD Fagan - Sustainer

Trisha Himm - Sustainer

Shawn and Faith Holle Family - Sustainer

Beccy and Colin Howarth Family - Sustainer

Pedro Point Sirens - Sustainer

Le and Ernest Family - Sustainer

Knotts - Sustainer

Nah Family - Sustainer

Hilary Strauch McArthur - Sustainer

Andrea Provence - Sustainer

MacDougall Family - Sustainer

Skeeters Family - Sustainer

Sharon and Katy Davis-Turner - Sustainer


Robin Wasco - Patron

Gomes Family - Sustainer

Sunset Ridge

Heather Olsen - Sustainer

Nidhi Patel - Sustainer


Howard and Vi Chou Family - Patron

Pigula Family - Patron

Kat and Daniel Roman - Patron

Smith (Krysti & Andy) Household - Patron

Paul and Lisa Efstratis - Sustainer

Asha and Jim Keba Family - Sustainer

Emily Mirro & Phil Thornton - Sustainer

Community Friends

Hennessy Smith Family - Patron

Erin and Jason Pickett Family - Sustainer

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