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We thank the following individuals, families, organizations and businesses for their dedication to the children of Pacifica. We are growing our base of Patrons ($1000+ donors) continuously. It is the willingness of these community members to step to the front and lead a real investment in local education that is building a brighter future for Pacifica’s children and our entire community.



LEADERS ($10,000-19,999)

Walmart Foundation


SPONSORS ($5,000-9,999)

Mann-Reid Family

Schumann Wullenjohn Family

Kelly and Jed Thompson

Wells Fargo Foundation


SUPPORTERS ($2,500-4,999)

Seema Kantak and Shreeraj Karulkar

Pacifica Moose Lodge 1944

Seamus and Lorraine Whitley


DISTRICT CIRCLE ($1,000-2,499)

Jessica Anthony

Jennifer Ball and Mike Varney

Elizabeth and Bill Bredell

Caroline Totah Organizing Solutions

Mary Ellen Carroll and Dariush Kayhan

Eric and Susan DePriest

Bruce Ferry

Marisa and Anthony George

Ashley Gibson and Jeneane Crawford

Mark and Raquel Iverson

Vinay Kantak

Kimberly and Matthew Levie

Joanie Loh and Haesuk Alex Nah

Susan Mason and Gregory Leonard

Stephanie McAuliffe and Sheree Rife

Meiman Family

Terry and Marcy Milby

Mary Ann Nihart 

Ocean Yoga

Ortega PTO

Scott Smerdon

Diane Spasic

Sandy and Benjamin Stefancic

Wendy S. Tukloff

Jeanette and Scott Vance

Norma Jo Waxman

Dawn and Steve Wineinger

Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation Foundation

Vallemar PTO


MEMBERS ($300-999)

Keri and Sandy Ayers

Susan Beckmeyer

Glen Bongi

Lynda Brocchini and Julie Rose

Kelly Bryant

Carol Morales Burnham

Patricia Callahan

Heather Cole

Patrick J Costigan

Christine and Michael Day

Manuel and Stephanie Dekermenjian

DZH Phillips, LLP

Beth Fahnhorst

Robert Fishtrom

Mark Higuera

Michele Husak and George Yatrakis

Rhona and Bruce Kabakoff

Nick Kapp and Tina Lee

Chris Kline

Laguna Salada Elementary Adminstration Association

Terrence Lai

Daniel and Susan Langlands

Ashley Larsen

Ralph and Sandy Larson

Tobias and Tina Larson

Kimyee Lee and Seow Hui Yeoh

Jennie Lill

Jon Luttrell and Sheryl Flumerfelt

Christine McGavrin

Aimee Ng-Chen and Tim Chen

LiLing Pang

Walter Parabaniuk  & Shaunsa Koperski

Jason and Nancy Rickson

Alla Romashko

Eric & Melinda Ruchames

Theodore Ryan

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

Deena Schine

Rebecca Silva

Eben and Rachel Sterling

Michelle and Eric Stevenson

The Fremont Group Foundation

Christopher Tung and Jennifer Hlavin

Mark Unbehagan

Catherine Wachtler and Jeff Martin

Julie Wilson

Robert and Catherine Worobec



In Honor of Kristie Rolke Smith

Alexandra Jungbluth
Sheila Riedy
Doris Strom
Jayme Juncker
Catherine Moody
Geraldine Hall
Kate Sosnowski
Lailey Oliva
Patricia Parsons
Cardi and Kenneth Smith
Lee and Mary Jane keller
James and Barbara McCormick
Roger Turner
Carol Bayens
Peter Trinh

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