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STEAM: Looking Inward to Move Onward

From Katie Martin in "Learner-Centered Innovation": "Just think how you might begin to make the changes and the impact you desire in school if instead of statements like "If they would have...." you started asking ,"How might I?" This is what is referred to by psychologists as the locus of control of the extent of which people believe they have power to influence events in their lives. Individuals with internal locus might notice that students are not meeting the desired outcomes and decide to take some risks, try new strategies, or design an authentic project to meet the needs of learners instead of blaming outside forces for everything." This passage is so important for education, where the work is centered on serving others. If a student is not “getting it,” do we blame the student or look for other ways to teach? If staff is not “moving forward,” do we focus on “their resistance” or our “leadership?”

Of course, other people are part of the equation, and things aren’t as easy as leading or teaching differently. But as Katie reminds us, the focus should be centered on what you and I can control as an individual to create conditions where people can excel.

Focus less on the “hoops” people aren’t willing to jump through and more on how to remove them in the first place.

Highlight: Vallemar Student News

PSD Technology News

New Lenovo 300e 2nd gen Chromebooks New Chromebook and Chromebook carts will be arriving at sites soon. A video on basic features and tips should be available by the end of this week. Additional screen casts and resources on tips and ideas on how to use these devices with students will also be created to assist staff. For questions related to using new Chromebooks or to set up a training/appointment, please contact your site iLead or Christy Novack.

Welcome Eric Hernandez to PSD IT! Eric Hernandez will be joining PSD IT this month! He is coming from the San Mateo-Foster City school district. Feel free to introduce yourself as Eric will be learning about PSD programs,systems and our schools.

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