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Donation Days 2022

Pacifica Education Foundation (PEF) is hosting its virtual 2022 Donation Days on May 11-13. As most of you know, PEF raises much-needed funds to support the elementary music, middle school band, SPARC Poetry, and other programs that benefit Pacifica School District students and staff. PEF is excited to reach out to all district families to ask for participation in its Donation Days.

PEF needs to raise $85,000 during this year’s Donation Days to support the programs that your children receive. You and your family can help PEF achieve this goal by becoming a PEF member, renewing your PEF membership, or making a donation at any amount. All contributions received during Donation Days are fully tax deductible.

PEF now has more than 50 local business partners that provide exclusive promotions/discounts to PEF members, so you and your families can save even more. With many members reporting savings of $25+ each month - your annual membership pays for itself!

Similar to last year, PEF is creating a healthy competition among schools so staff, teachers, and families are able to show their school pride and win a top prize!

1st Prize - Most Funds Raised

Prize awarded to the school that raises the most funds during Donation Days through new memberships, renewed memberships, and donations

PEF Pizza Party at Frontierland Park for all school staff, teachers, students and their families!

2nd Prize - Most Unique Donors

Prize goes to the school that has the highest number of unique donors during Donation Days through new memberships, renewed memberships, and donations

It’s It Ice Cream Party at your school for staff, teachers, and students!

3rd Prize - Most Improved School

Prize goes to the school that has the greatest percentage increase in funds raised over the prior year (2021 Donation Days) through new memberships, renewed memberships, and donations

Coffee and pastries for school staff and teachers to celebrate staff and teacher appreciation!

*Note: A school can only win one prize.

For more details on PEF, Donation Days, and the PEF Partner Perks Program (PEF Membership) and its benefits, please visit PEF’s website.

Supporting PEF means that the arts, music, and other programs they fund will continue to reach more students. Please spread the word about Donation Days to others!

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