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Donation Days May 19 - 21

Updated: May 13, 2021

PEF has the ambitious goal this year of raising $85K AND sponsoring a courtesy PEF membership for every school teacher and staff member!

Since 2010, Pacifica Education Foundation has offered a number of fun, inspirational community events each year as a staple of our fundraising efforts. It has not been possible to produce these events during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are relying more than ever on the support of our families to ensure the success of our programs.

To accomplish this, we will leverage our PEF Membership Program, which provides tangible value ($$ saved) to families who support local businesses. The Partner Perks Program offers families exclusive promotions & discounts at their favorite local retailers within our district, all year long. PEF members are reporting savings of about $20 - $25 monthly by tapping into these local “perks”!

To reach our goal, each school has set a Donation Days target of increasing their PEF membership base by 100 members, and to raise ~$12.5K for the PEF programs, at their site.

PEF Gives Back: We want to provide the teachers and staff members at every school with a courtesy PEF membership to show our appreciation for their efforts during this crazy year - giving them access to instant savings derived from using the membership Partner Perks!

You can directly support our efforts and show your favorite educator your appreciation by:

- Donating any $$ amount to PEF

- Purchasing, renewing or up-leveling a PEF annual family membership

- Requesting a “Company/Employer Match” for your donation or membership purchase

- Donating a used vehicle or vessel

- Spreading the word among your family, friends, and neighbors

For every $100 raised within your school during Donation Days; PEF will sponsor a courtesy PEF Supporter Membership for an educator at your school; allowing them to tap into the value of the membership, through the monthly savings of the Partner Perks Program. If your donation or membership transaction is $250 or greater; you may designate by name the educator that your donation will sponsor!

PEF Donation Days Acknowledgment Categories: whether you are able to become a patron member or just donate a few dollars, every effort will help your school gain recognition and benefits for students and educators. Help your school achieve success in one of these categories:

All Goals Met! For the winning school(s) that signs up 100+ newly active PEF members AND raise $12,500+:

  • PEF will give ALL their school teachers and staff members a courtesy one-year membership!

  • PEF will shower their school teachers with love and support; by hosting them as our “VIP guests of honor” at our next Winter Gala!

  • The Mayor will acknowledge your school as a PEF Donation Days Superstar!

Most Funds Raised! For the winning school, PEF will upgrade ALL school memberships (teachers and families!) to the next level; providing everyone even more member discounts and added value!

Most New / Renewed Memberships! For the winning school, PEF will upgrade ALL school memberships (teachers and families!) to the next level; providing everyone even more member discounts and added value!

Most Participation! For the winning school, PEF will host an “Magical Ice Cream Day” for all students and employees at the school that has the greatest number of unique donations (per household); regardless of the total amount raised!

You don't have to wait until May 19 to purchase your membership. During the month of May, all new and renewal PEF membership purchases will also sponsor a membership for a Pacifica School District teacher. Membership purchases at $250 and above allow you to name the teacher or staff member of your choice! Memberships purchased today will count towards your school's Donation Days fundraising totals.


Q: What if the teacher to be sponsored already has a membership?

A: PEF will extend their membership an additional year, or up-level it.

Q: If my school “wins” more than one category; do we receive the “award” for the multiple categories?

A: No. Your school or family will be awarded the highest valued category, only.

Q: What if someone has already named and sponsored the teacher I wanted to sponsor?

A: We know you want to be that “someone special” to your teacher. We will send them a note, indicating more than one family wants to sponsor them, along w/ your family name, and we will sponsor an alternate employee at your school, by random drawing, instead. Everyone wins!

Q: I just renewed my membership less than a month ago. Does this count towards the Donation Week school challenge?

A; YES! We want to reward any family for renewing their membership and will “count” any “activation” membership activity within each school, over the past 30 days before the kickoff.

Q: My membership is still active for several months. Can I donate and extend my existing membership; or up-level it for additional membership benefits?

A: YES! Simply submit your donation, and we will extend the membership one year further out.

Q: How will PEF issue awarded memberships to school employees that were not “named/sponsored” by a family?

A: A random drawing, for each school.

Q: Do “sponsored” teacher memberships count towards the school goal of 100 new memberships?

A: No. The goal for each school is 100+ purchased memberships.

Q: My family is currently affiliated with multiple PSD schools. Will my donation be evenly divided?

A: YES! During your checkout process; select the schools you want to distribute your donation towards. We will distribute your total donation amount evenly across the schools you select.

Q: If I donate a vehicle or vessel, does the full value of that donation get allocated to the school(s) I’m affiliated with?

A: YES! Simply send an email to to let us know which school(s) to distribute the full “value” across.

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