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PEF Sports Basement Partnership

Exciting News! Sports Basement is one of the new local businesses partnering with PEF. There are two amazing promotions:

  1. Sports Basement one-time membership fee of $25 waived to receive 10% off purchases! PEF members can get this fee waived if they go to the Stonestown, San Francisco location, show your PEF membership card and the attached flyer (electronically or printed), sign up to be a Basementeer, and get 10% off of all purchases at any Sports Basement locations indefinitely.

  1. Special Back-to-School Promotion at the Stonestown location of 20% off purchases! From 8/13/2021 through 8/27/2021, PEF members can get an additional 20% of all purchases. Combined with the 10% discount as a Basementeer (see #1 above), this means that you can get a total discount of 28% off of all things Sports Basement! You’ll need to show them your PEF membership card and the attached flyer (electronically or printed).

If you are not a PEF member and want to be one, you can sign up right now at If you sign up today, you will receive an automatic email with your temporary PEF membership card. You can use it to sign up to be a Basementeer to receive the 10% discount, as well access the additional 20% discount for the Back-to-School promotion!

PEF-Sports Basement Promotional Flyer 2021.08
Download PDF • 70KB

Happy Back to School, Pacifica!

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