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Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity for everyday savings at local Pacifica businesses, as well as discounts on exciting PEF events and exclusive community engagements.  Your membership is tax deductible and directly benefits academic programs at every school in the Pacifica School District.

This Week in Music

This Week in Music

Watch Now

The Pacific School District's Elementary Music Program features a weekly video series!  Teacher Mark Unbehagen provides third, fourth and fifth grade students with these resources to make the most of music education in the classroom and at home.  This series of one minute videos explores the influences of music in our community and around the world.

What We Do

The Pacifica Education Foundation (PEF) is an organization that supports students and their teachers in every school and every classroom in the Pacifica School District (PSD).


PEF funds programs that foster creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.  We have implemented 21st Century Learning programs throughout PSD.  


PEF's current focus is on elementary music programs at every grade level, middle school band, and SPARC Poetry.


Please consider making a donation to continue providing programs that are enriching the lives of our students.

2023-2024 Fundraising
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